Monday 17 October 2016


2D students getting ready for their kite festival.

Here are instructions if you want to design your own kite.Maybe you could make some kites with your friends and see who's kites  can fly higher.

Irmaks looks very excited.

We are ready!

Eylül's kite has lost an eye but that didn't stop it from flying high.

Hasan Ege's kite flew really well but then it had a few problems.

Bartu even wrote his name.

Zeynep even has a picture of herself on her kite.A designer kite.

I wonder which football team Işik Arda supports???
Osman Rüzgar but so much work into his.Well done.

A big thank you to all the parents for helping! I know it was hard and you probably hated me but the kids had a wonderful day and really enjoyed  flying their kites. This project came from our reader 'The Kite' for our ICP lesson.

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