Thursday, 7 January 2016

Grade 4 students learned about the importance of Greenpeace and keeping the environment safe and clean with their '' Lost on the Coast'' reader.

İrem, Ada and Zeynep designed Greenpeace t-shirts.

Aslihan and Damla 

Naz and İrem designed posters to arouse awareness 

Selim with his t-shirt.

Hakan and Demir

 A powerpoint presentation 

Grade 4 making New Year Decorations

Nehir made a beautiful card for her family.

Damla wrote her New Year wish

Emirhan was very  excited 

Grade 4 students played '' Pin the Body part'' game.

First we drew and cut out body parts

Then we were blind folded to pin the body part

This is where all the fun started

Grade 4 Learning Physical Descriptions playing ''Guess Who?'' Game

4th Grade students  in pairs playing 
''Guess Who?'' game had a fun way 
of practicing speaking and listening skills
All students were involved with speaking trying to guess the mystery person

Wednesday, 6 January 2016