Friday, 27 February 2015

3F Drama

Emre is having a look at the menu

Emre decides he wants  pizza 

Deniz Mert is preparing the order he has taken

Yıldiz is looking at the menu

Yıldız is ringing the bell to call the waiter

Ozge is serving Yıldız her lunch

Ducem is ordering soup and salad

Burak is enjoying his lunch

Emre Alp is angry because there is corn in his soup

Emre Alp is asking the waitress '' Why is there corn in my soup?

Emre is askng the waitress'' Why is there broccoli on my pizza!?''

Emre Alp is throwing the dishes 

Onur is having a look at the menu

Onur is suprised because there is broccoli in his soup and a big lettuce for salad

Onur is not happy with the service at the restaurant

Dilara is preparing the order she has taken

Rafet is suprised